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An epic trifecta of talent was born when three separate stars collided at the speed of light and formed GREATER THAN.  If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’ve likely heard of one or all of these three artists who have mind-melded into one. 
Having joined forces to rap circles around diverse and unexplored landscapes, the list of credentials is long for this well-versed trio: 

GRYNCH, hailed as The King of Ballard, has been an icon of the Pacific Northwest hip-hop scene since 2004 and adds a highly sought after layer of nostalgia; while, FEARCE VILL, previously of Dyme Def, brings his distinctive brand of heartfelt hip-hop, paired with fearless rhymes; and finishing off the trio is Rhymesayers’s own GRIEVES, who’s been on the scene for a decade, building a name for himself with his five solo projects and rigorous touring schedule. This time around, he takes the producer’s seat and creatively elevates the experience to a level that will slap the ever-living shit out of your speakers.  No beat is safe, no earhole is secure.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Released May 25th, 2018. 

1) Fine Wine
2) Motor Mouth
3) Money in the Bank
4) Do it Again
5) Shut Down
6) My Enemy
7) Shadows - feat. Dice
8) Hope for Sunshine
9) Rose Gold
10) Worth Every Dime - feat. Brothers From Another, Davey Jones
11) 100 Proof
12) Cold Winter
13) On Fire


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